& Handbook

Please download the Youth Bands of Orlando Handbook.

Rehearsals will be held weekly from August-October and January-February, with two concerts scheduled during the school year. (please see Calendar & Rehearsals page for full details)

All performers are expected to fulfill their membership obligation to the ensemble through individual preparation of the selected repertoire and attendance at all rehearsals and performances.

Students should notify Mr. Schreier in writing at least one week prior to an anticipated absence (except in cases of illness or emergency). Students will only be excused from rehearsals in the event of a conflict with their school ensemble schedule (with prior notice), sickness or extenuating circumstances.

All members of YBO are required to enroll in their school's instrumental ensemble music program (band or orchestra) for the entire school year. Students may not substitute the YBO experience for their primary ensemble in their school.

Students who elect to not participate in their school program will be dismissed from YBO. Students who do not have a resident instrumental music ensemble at their school or students with irreconcilable scheduling conflicts must be recommended by an appropriate school official. Students who are home schooled must be recommended by a private teacher.